Season 4 Poster Stranger Things T-Shirt


Season 4 Poster Stranger Things T-Shirt T-shirts


Season 4 of Stranger Things is set in 1986, and is split between different plotlines. In Hawkins, several teens are killed in mysterious ways, and Eddie Munson is the prime suspect. Dustin, Max, Lucas, Erica, Nancy, Steve, Robin and Eddie discover that the murders were carried out by a powerful being that lives in the Upside Down.

In California, Mike visits Eleven, Will and Jonathan at their new home. Due to the events in Hawkins and the imminent danger to her friends, Eleven goes with Dr. Martin Brenner and Sam Owens to a secret facility to help her regain her powers, while Mike, Will, Jonathan and his friend Argyle try to track her down.

The third plotline follows Joyce and Murray Bauman when they learn that Hopper may still be alive and are told to bring money to arrange for his transfer. Meanwhile, Hopper is held in a Soviet prison camp in Kamchatka, where he and the other inmates are forced to battle a Demogorgon that the Russians have captured.

Season 4 is one of the best reviewed seasons of the hit Netflix series, and everyone will know you are a fan when you wear this Season 4 Poster Stranger Things T-Shirt!

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Season 4 Poster Stranger Things T-Shirt

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